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Help us engage Black Atlantans with #ATLBudget

I’m Adjoa D. Danso, community engagement editor with Capital B Atlanta. Last week, we launched a partnership with Atlanta Civic Circle, Axios Atlanta, Canopy Atlanta, and the Center for Civic Innovation to get citizens involved in the budget process.

The budget process is a time for Black residents to have a say on issues that matter to them — like how much money the police department will get, initiatives to improve public safety and decrease crime, permanent hazard pay raises for city employees, and whether to adjust property taxes amid rising housing costs. As part of our mission to support civic engagement with good information, we’ve published a thorough primer on what the budget is.

In this explainer, you’ll find information about:

  • how the city’s budget could have an effect on policing and housing costs

  • how much money goes into the city’s budget each year

  • why Black people in Atlanta should care about the city’s yearly budget and engage in the process

  • opportunities for people to make their voices heard throughout the budget process

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be publishing more content to help residents understand the budget and make their views known before it’s finalized. Would you be willing to share this budget primer with your residents, meeting attendees, social media audience, and newsletter subscribers? We believe this information aligns with your values and those of your wider community.

If you want to collaborate further or have questions, please let me know. You can reach me at:; 404-934-6833.

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