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Historic Westside Gardens is hiring

Agricultural Garden Coach Job Description

Historic Westside Gardens’ Agricultural Coaches serve as liaisons between individual

growers and the organization at large. The primary role of the coach is to teach the

grower the best agricultural practices and to plan with the grower how to have a

successful garden.

Coaches are required to be familiar with organic urban gardening, related to the seasonal

growth of specific crops; growth and maintenance strategies; transplanting techniques;

pest control and more.

The agricultural coach is also responsible for encouraging lifestyle choices that promote

health and wellness. This includes providing culturally appropriate nutrition education to

growers, as well as highlighting the benefits of physical activity associated with garden


Coaches are required to be able to lift 30lbs to 50lbs during the course of the day.

Coaches are expected to work 10 - 15 hrs/week @ $16/hr.

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