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Hunter Hills Refuge - Public Survey #1

What is the Hunter Hills Refuge?

The Hunter Hills Refuge is an innovative stormwater improvement project being developed by City of Atlanta's Department of Watershed Management. The project will restore 9+ acres of floodplain land along Proctor Creek by removing the existing concrete channel, improving the natural streambed, and planting thousands of native plants.

Why is this important?

The concrete channel that Proctor Creek currently flows through on the site—installed in the 1960's—adds to flash flooding during heavy storms, leading to downstream erosion and pollution. By removing the concrete channel, restoring the stream and floodplain, and adding thousands of grasses, shrubs, and trees, this new green infrastructure will manage 5 million gallons of stormwater to reduce flooding, add habitat for fish and wildlife, improve water quality, and provide greenspace for the community.

Who is involved?

A team of partners, including the Department of Watershed Management, The Conservation Fund, Historic Hunter Hills Neighborhood Association, City of Refuge, and Perez Planning + Design, is working to establish a community-based vision for the space. This vision will identify features and activities residents would like to see included and inform the final design for the site.

Thank you for taking this survey. Your feedback will help make the Refuge a successful reflection of the community's needs!

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