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March 2024 Historic Hunter Hills Neighborhood Association General Meeting Minutes

Historic Hunter Hills Neighborhood Association

 General Meeting Minutes - March 11, 2024

Meeting called to order at 06:04 PM


Timothy B. Provided typical housekeeping instructions, including notifying guest to the availability of snacks, to turn their phones off and of the due structure for residents to the Association. 

1. Executive Board Reports

Treasurer’s Report and Updates 

Lisa P. reported that the current account balance is $22,139.39. During that time the total income was $207.35.  The total expenses for the month were $1,703.90.

2. Committee Reports

Courtesy Committee

Deborah W. Reported sending out 8 birthday cards and a Valentine’s recognition for Ms. Emily Milner. 

Beautification Committee

Timothy B. Reported on clean-up opportunity along Manson Turner & Joseph E. Boone on Saturday, March 16th.

3.  Presentations 

City of Refuge 285 Burbank Development

Henry and Will gave an update was given on the townhome project.  Clarifications was given on the re-zoning, concerns for flood plane and parking.  Estimates were given on completion and an explanation was given on potential financing for residents of the townhomes.  There was a robust discussion surrounding accessibility concerns.

Spring Event on March 23 sponsored by the Department of Watershed Management can provide further details on flooding considerations.

Motion was made to approve the zoning measure by Maya, second by Lisa.  14 in favor in room, 2 abstentions, zero nays.  

Partnership for Southern Equity Grant

Maya informed the HHHNA of a grant opportunity and presented several projects which would be candidates for improvement from the grant including a pedestrian trail and/or updating the green space.

Spring Community Event

Timothy B informed the HHHNA about the spring community event located at the Future Hunter Hills Refuge project.

HHHNA Updates

  • Community Impact Grant

  • Movie Night at Ella Mae Wade Brayboy movie night

  • Future sign

  • Design Bloc

  • Preservation of community history project

  • Traffic Boxes

  • Need permits to begin

  • 9Mile Notifications

  • New construction at 268 Chappell Rd

APD Update

Sgt, Anderson reported on crime in the Hunter Hills area, including car thefts.  She reported crime is down 17% week over week.  She took questions from the community regarding specific incidents.  She announced that vehicle locks were available to anyone at the APD Precinct at 2315 Donald Lee Hollowell Pkwy. 

An update was given on the homicide on Troy Street, Antoine Soleman.

Motion was made to extend meeting by 15 minutes by Bridget F.

ATL City Council: Byron Amos

DJ Terry provided an updates, including lighting funding, flooding concerns along the rail tracks,.

221 MLK redevelopment (Yates family development), demolishment permit granted and lot consolidation permit was also granted.

Contact information for DJ Terry: 404-330-6046 or

District News

No update.

GA State Representative: Meesha Manor

No Update.

Fulton Co. Commissioner: Khadijah Abdur-Rahman

No update.

5.  Upcoming Events

  • Food Pantry

  • NPU-K

  • Beautification Event

  • City of Refuge 5K

Motion to adjourn was made by Adam R. The motion was seconded by Lisa P.. The meeting ended unopposed at 07:16 PM

In attendance:

Timothy Brown

Maya Teague

Lisa Parker

Adam Reid

Andrea Swain

Henry Baily

Will Casady

Char Johnson

Robert Williams

Daisy Williams

Deborah Wright

Bridgette Freeman

Beth Smartt

Victoria Vighetto

Kyle Booth

Meagan Jackson

DJ Tony

Christian Hicks

Lina Macia

Traci Sims

+Zoom participants

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