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Veterans Impacted by Toxic Exposure, Apply for the PACT Act now

Veterans, if you have served in the Gulf Wars, Vietnam, Thailand, Guam, or American Samoa you may be eligible for benefits due to toxic exposure. In August 2022, "President Biden signed the bipartisan Sergeant First Class Heath Robinson Honoring our Promise to Address Comprehensive Toxics (PACT) Act into law. The legislation marks the most significant expansion of benefits and services to America’s war veterans in more than 30 years.


  • The bill creates over 20 new presumptive conditions for which Gulf War and Post 9/11-era veterans may now be eligible to receive service-connected compensation.

    • Over one-third of Georgia’s veteran population, almost 300,000 Gulf War and Post 9/11 veterans, may now qualify for benefits.

  • For Vietnam veterans, presumptive conditions and exposure locations have been expanded to include conditions such as hypertension.

    • Historically, veterans have been denied benefits related to hypertension.

  • Thailand, Guam, and American Samoa are now included in presumed exposure locations.

  • Veterans who have a previously denied claim for toxic substance exposure may re-apply for benefits.

  • Surviving spouses and their children may also now be eligible to receive benefits."

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