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What's in a Sign?

Every day we see, read, and interpret signs whether they are physical, emotional, or a clever emoji at the end of a text message to emphasize a point. Signs are EVERYWHERE providing us with information, direction, commands, warnings, astrological characteristics, and even messages from the heart. One thing is for certain, the message to be conveyed must be clear and well received.

When I first noticed the two neighborhood signs at Hunter Hills, I thought these signs are worn and sad. A couple of neighbors have even tried to spruce up one of the signs with a good cleaning, but to no avail. . . it showed "no sign of life." Another sign had even fallen over in despair as if to say it's time had come to an end. Replace me now! But instead, we propped it up in hopes it would continue to welcome more commuters passing through the neighborhood. . . until a large utility box was installed and cast a shadow of defeat over the sign.

What messages are these worn, unstable signs sending to commuters, visitors, neighbors, and Hunter Hills residents? What do they say about our neighborhood? I can attest the current signs are NOT a reflection of Historic Hunter Hills.

How can we fix this? Dollar $ign$ help the cause. The Historic Hunter Hills Neighborhood Association is now in a position to replace the signs, and we need the Hunter Hills community to provide feedback for the sign design and message. Please join our January 9th community meeting from 6-7pm to discuss the signs and stay after for a sign design workshop.

Click here to see our last sign workshop session along with some design and street topper drafts.

Oh, and as for that utility box casting a shadow of defeat, it has now been painted with rays of hope. It sends messages of cheer and delight as it welcomes residents to Hunter Hills.

-Lisa R. signing off

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If we want to add a motto or a tag line to the sign here are a few I have found from archived news articles: Hunter Hills- The Haven of Beauty; Hunter Hills- Show Place of Atlanta; Hills of Surprises are in Hunter Hills.

new suggestion that references both the creek and the hills. If These Hills Could Talk is a tag line used for our Moments in Hunter Hills History articles.

Still looking for an established date for the neighborhood. It appears some of the oldest homes were built along MLK and Burbank. Checking build dates.

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