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Mark Your Calendars! A walking tour of the future Hunter Hills Refuge stream restoration project will be Saturday, May 7th from 9:00am – 11am.

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On this walking tour, you’ll learn about current and future urban wetland sites that demonstrate what’s possible using natural green infrastructure to manage stormwater flows and to improve a watershed.

Guided by staff from The Conservation Fund and the City of Atlanta Department of Watershed Management (DWM), attendees will first learn about stream restoration and constructed wetlands project at the McDaniel Branch Ponds before traveling to Proctor Creek in Hunter Hills at Troy St. to continue the tour.

The comprehensive “lens” gained at McDaniel Branch Ponds will then be used to examine the Hunter Hills Refuge stream restoration site.

Please Note: This tour takes place at two different sites located approximately 15 min. apart. Attendees are responsible for their travel between the sites.

1st stop - 441 Bowen Cir SW, Atlanta, GA 30315

2nd stop - Troy St NW, Atlanta, GA 30314

Accessibility: This tour consists of hiking in unpaved and wild spaces. Use your discretion in signing up.


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