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Quick Update from Atlanta Watershed:

  • As previously discussed in January 2023, Watershed is working with APD to remove individuals from the vacant apartments on Boone (1228 and 1232 Joseph E. Boone Blvd) located within the Hunter Hills Refuge site. Once everyone is removed and apartments are boarded up, a fence will be erected around the property.

April 2023 Update from Amanda Hallauer:

  • Council approved the execution of the construction contract with a selected contractor, but a subsequent cost increase was requested by the contractor. Further discussions are taking place before the contract can be signed and a notification to proceed issued.

  • Facilities has received pricing for erecting the fencing to enclose the apartments on Boone (1228 and 1232 Joseph E. Boone) and are ready to move forward. However, the City will be closing on the properties as soon as the week of 4/17/23 in which time we can move to demolish the buildings and potentially save the (high) cost of the fencing. Watershed is waiting for a report back on how quickly the demo work can be done.

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