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Special Projects

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Hello Advisory Group,

It's time to decide a meeting schedule and announce our Special Project Committee co-chairs!

Starting in April, our goal is to collaborate and generate ideas around community engagement strategies that increase awareness about the Proctor Creek Stream Restoration (future, Hunter Hills Refuge).

To recap, the project is led by Atlanta Department of Watershed Management (DWM) to restore a portion of Proctor Creek south of Boone Boulevard. The Hunter Hills Neighborhood Association was awarded grant funds from The Conservation Fund to develop a vision for the future use of the site with input from our community.

Alexandria Wilson has kindly volunteered to help lead the Advisory Group as we collectively work together to envision this transformative greenspace amenity. She will work directly with fellow Special Projects Committee co-chair Maya Teague to disseminate information to the wider Hunter Hills neighborhood and communicate updates from DWM and The Conservation Fund directly to the Advisory Group.

If you're also interested in helping lead the Advisory Group, please email

Now, are you all ready to begin brainstorming?

Copy+Paste the following link to fill out a Google Survey to decide the best meeting time, day, and frequency that works with everyone's schedule:

Maya Teague
Hannah Carver


Welcome! Historic Hunter Hills has partnered with The Conser...
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