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Greetings All,

Thank you to everyone who has responded thus far in regards to our first meeting. If you are new here, the meeting is scheduled from 6pm to 7pm on Friday March 11th. Before Friday, you should be receiving a zoom meeting link from either Hannah, our president, or Maya, our secretary.

We could not have a more diverse group of people on this committee which is a great benefit to our community. Each one of you has been selected because you bring something unique to the team, whether it be your history with the neighborhood, your line of work, or your interest in community spaces and trails. Prior to our meeting, let's each share something about ourselves as an ice breaker.

For example, My name is Lisa. I'm interested in this project because I want to see the creek cleaned up and restored to its natural state and flow while being eco friendly. I enjoy nature and walking trails and would like to see this enhancement in our community.


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