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ATL Beltline Needs to Hear from YOU before 4/21/23

Hunter Hills Neighbors, as you know, the Westside Beltline Trail runs through neighboring Mozley Park and Washington Park and brushes along Hunter Hills from MLK to Lena. With the Westside Trail extension it will also run through Hunter Hills along Stafford/Mayson Turner/Boone. Please take a few moments to complete the Atlanta Beltline survey to ensure your voice is counted.

"The Atlanta BeltLine Inc. (ABI) is in the process of updating the BeltLine’s Strategic Implementation Plan (SIP). The SIP is a comprehensive work plan for the project that charts the course for the completion of the Beltline program including trails, transit preparedness, parks, affordable housing, economic development, public art, historic preservation, and more by the sunset of the BeltLine Tax Allocation District (TAD) – the project’s main funding source – by the end of 2030. As part of this effort, ABI is currently collecting feedback from a wide cross section of stakeholders and welcomes your participation.

Here is link to the short survey (8 questions, approximately 10 minutes):

This survey has been extended through April 21, 2023"

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