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If These Hills Could Talk. . .

Here are your January moments in Hunter Hills history-

January 9th 1902 – Ann Louise Nixon (Cooper), activist, civic leader, and future Centenarian is born in Shelbyville TN. She and her husband, Dr. Albert Cooper, settled on Martin Luther King Jr. Drive (formerly Hunter Street). She founded the Girls Club for African American girls and helped organize Boy Scout Troop 95 for African American boys. She passed in 2009 after helping to elect a young Senator from Illinois, Barack H. Obama, a person of color, to the highest office in the land. President Obama would recognize Ms. Cooper in his victory speech. Ms. Cooper is prominently featured in the Black History Matters mural on the SW corner of Boone/Chappell. For more about Ann Nixon Cooper, her book is titled: "A Century and Some Change- My Life Before the President Called My Name."

January 1937 – The Willing Workers Building Club was organized by Rev. O.S. Dotson, Sister Della Dotson, Brother B.W. Dotson, Sister Mae Rose Dotson, Brother V.W. Dotson, Rev. N.K. Kinsey, Sister Marian Parham, Sister Rubye Winfrey, and Rev. L.T. Turner. Later that year, they would organize in the home of Rev. and Mrs. O.S. Dotson at 1374 Eason Street to form Hunter Hills Baptist Church

January 1981 McLendon Hospital located along Chicamauga permanently closes. It first opened in 1945 by Dr. Frederick Earl McLendon when he saw the dire need for African Americans to have the basic right for medical treatment. J.W. Banks and Sons Construction Co were the building contractors. A flat roof was implemented so more stories could easily be added as the hospital grew. The hospital buildings spanned from Sharon Street to Bernard Street. Today, one building remains standing on the corner of Chicamauga and Bernard Street. It was purchased by a private owner in December 2021 for $270K.

Dr. McLendon is also featured in the Black History Matters mural on the SW corner of Boone/Chappell.

January 13th 2007- Dora Edith McDonald graduate of South Carolina State College. She worked as secretary to Benjamin Mays at Morehouse College. Later, she became Executive Secretary to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. until his assassination. Ms. McDonald was a trusted friend to the King family. She was a resident of Sharon Street.

January 11, 2014 - Stage and film actress Georgia Williams Allen of Ezra Church Drive passes away. Ms. Allen was born in Texas. She graduated from Clark Atlanta University in 1942 and earned her Master’s Degree from University of California. She performed from 1949 -2006. Her last role was a character named Aunt Ruby in Madea’s Family Reunion.

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