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January 2024 Historic Hunter Hills Neighborhood Association General Meeting Minutes

Historic Hunter Hills Neighborhood Association

 General Meeting Minutes - January 8, 2024

Meeting called to order at 06:01 PM


Timothy B. provided the usual reminders regarding snacks and placing phones on vibrate. 

He then gave an overview of the meeting’s agenda.

1. Executive Board Reports

Secretary Report

Adam R. provided the minutes for the December meeting.  There were no corrections made to the minutes.  A motion was made to accept the minutes by Husani S. and seconded by Bridgette F.

Timothy B. discussed amending the Bylaws to enable minutes to be posted electronically for review instead of being read aloud in meetings.  A motion was made to accept the proposed revisions to the Bylaws by Samie C. and was seconded by Andrea S.

Treasurer’s Report and Updates 

Lisa P. reported that the current balance for the month was $XX,XXX.XX, the income for the month was $XXX abd the expenses for the month was $XXX.

She also discussed the differences between dues and donations.  Timothy B. informed attendees that Cash App would no longer be accepted as a payment method and clarified, when asked, that dues are on a per household basis, not individual.

2. 2024 Goals

Goals Overview

Timothy B outlined goals for the current year, which included:

  1. To raise $1,000,00 over the next two years.

  2. Create a scholarship fund.

  3. For high school students that reside in Hunter Hills.

  4. Timothy B. Pledged $1,000 towards the fund, Samie C. pledged $500 as well.

  5. Create HHHNA Trust to purchase properties.

  6. Beautification non-profit for entire community, to provide access to those who need it but can not afford it.

  7. Would include lawn maintenance.

  8. Working through how to use it to create jobs for teens.

  9. Building a HHHNA application

  10. Timothy B.  is meeting with Salesforce to determine feasibility.

  11. Wants to determine how to aggregate public data and use information to promote community.

  12. Other applications exist but feels there a need for a community app.

  13. Partner with homeless organizations to help those in need in the Hunter Hills community.

He further detailed goals that can be accomplished in the short term:

  1. Welcoming committee relaunch

  2. Bridgette Freeman volunteered to spearhead the campaign.

  3. Membership drive

  4. Social media campaign

  5. Joseph E. Boone revitalization plan

  6. At the moment the street is dominated by convenience stores.

  7. Relaunching newsletter

  8. Reviewing website to ensure it reflects the community.

  9. Community engagement events

  10. ex. movie night for kids at Brayboy Park

  11. Legacy bricks

  12. Murals

  13. Making curbs ADA Friendly

A Q&A session followed.  Samie C mentioned HUD grants.

Maya T provided a survey link for feedback.

3. Committee Reports

Courtesy Committee

Deborah W., committee Chair, recapped birthday and sympathy cards sent for the month and recapped 2023 Courtesy Reports. 

Beautification Committee

Timothy B reported on the committee’s activity for the month which included removing holiday decorations.

4. Hunter Hills Preservation Council & GA Tech Design Bloc

Design Bloc Report

Sean H. highlighted what Design Bloc is, past partnerships with Hunter Hills, gave an overview of the timeline of the project, displayed a list of the researchers that will be engaging the community and gave examples of what the research will look like.  He wrapped by telling attendees how they can get involved with the project.

The floor was opened to questions.  Samie C. inquired as to whether the Design Bloc could research whether Dr. King spoke at Troy Street Church.  Shar J. discussed legacy residents who no longer attended meetings and how to best involve them in the project.

5. City of Refuge Development

Condo Project

Traci S. gave an update on the condo project on the corner of Burbank and Boone, which included status of permits, what types of units will be included, where finds will come from and how to contact her (  

Beth S. asked how City of Refuge would ensure units will go to those in need of affordable housing and Lisa R. asked if anything was done to prevent the units to be used for short-term rentals.

6. Special Projects Committee

Hunter Hills Refuge Report

Maya T. discussed the history of the project on Troy Street, an initiative to demolish the concrete channel and restore the natural floodplain to avoid flooding.  She noted the project’s lack of inclusion on the City of Atlanta’s project slate and identified the need to secure additional funding.

She outlined the step to secure grant funding and provide a QR code to submit impact statements.  The floor was opened for questions: Traci S asked if the project would be delayed due to funds and Lisa R asked for clarification on the indicators that money was insufficient for the project.  Samie C asked if the available funds would be used solely for construction and a Zoom caller asked about how far in the past anecdotes would be dated for the impact statements

CSX Railroad Crossings

Timothy B. gave an overview of the latest train stoppage incident and informed the community of his plan to make connections within CSX.  Drivers neglecting to heed down gates at crossings and lack of gates at crossing at certain intersections were discussed.

7.  Presentations 

ATL City Council: Byron Amos

No representation for the month.

GA State Representative: Meesha Manor

No representation for the month.

Fulton Co. Commissioner: Khadijah Abdur-Rahman

No representation for the month.

8.  Upcoming Events

The food pantry and clothes closet at Hunter Hills First Baptist Church were spotlighted.  Timothy B. also mentioned the MLK Day of Service partnership with the Atlanta Watershed Alliance. 

Open Discussion

Lisa P. made a motion to extend the meeting and Maya T. seconded.  Timothy B. discussed the upcoming NPU-K meeting and the need to keep another liquor store from opening in the neighborhood, Traci S. gave insight on the negative impact on those stores in the community.  Timothy B also previewed how the HHHNA would celebrate Ms. Emily Milner’s 106th birthday and invited neighbors to join.

Lisa R. brought attention to the increase in crime in the area, including car break-ins.  Lisa P. spotlighted additional crime prevention resources available via private funding.  Traci S. inquired as to whether or not it was possible to get Commander Mormon of the Atlanta Police Department to attend the HHHNA meetings.

Motion to adjourn was made by Beth S.  The motion was seconded by Andrea S. The meeting ended unopposed at 07:07 PM

In attendance:

Timothy Brown

Maya Teague

Lisa Parker

Adam Reid

Andrea Swain

Robert Williams

Daisy Williams

Deborah Wright

Bridgette Freeman

Beth Smartt

Husani Smartt

Damon Robertson

Lisa Reyes

Bobbi J.

Tillman W.

Kevin Norman

Brandon Smith

Vada Winn

Samie Conyers

Traci Sims

Sean Harris

Shar Johnson

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