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June 2024 Historic Hunter Hills Neighborhood Association Meeting Minutes

Historic Hunter Hills Neighborhood Association

 General Meeting Minutes - June 10, 2024

Meeting called to order at 6:00 PM


Timothy B. provided the usual reminders regarding signing in, snacks and placing phones on vibrate. 

He then gave an overview of the meeting’s agend and reminded neighbors of membership dues.

1. Executive Board Reports

Treasurer’s Report and Updates

Lisa P. reported that the current account balance is $21,163.40. During that time the total income was $138.67.  The total expenses for the month were $115.83.

2. Committee Reports

Courtesy Committee '

Deborah W. reported that birthday cards were sent to 3 individuals and wedding cards were sent out to Tim and Pamela Brown. 

Beautification Committee

Timothy B. reported on the monthly cleanup taking place on Saturday, June 15th starting on MLK Jr. Dr. and Chickamauga from 9-11am. I

3.  Presentations 

HHHNA Grant Updates

Maya T. gave an update on the Partnership for Southern Equity & Just Communities Grant and the next steps involved in receiving the money.

Timothy B. reported on the community impact grant and additional funds received for senior lawn maintenance programs and back-to-school giveaway.  He solicited feedback from the community on ways to stand up the programs and on approval for partnerships for the back-to-school giveaway.

Trails ATL Survey

Maya T. reported on efforts by the City of Atlanta to solicit feedback on where trails should go and encouraged residents to participate in the survey to advocate for trails in the Hunter Hills area..

Policing Alternatives and Diversion Initiative

Kayla S. presented on the Policing Alternatives and Diversion (“PAD”) Initiative.  She described the purpose of the PAD program, gave examples of when to use the program instead of dialing 911, the differences between PAD and traditional policing and the hours of availability.

She also described the partnership between PAD and local police, some services provided by PAD and public trainings available for residents put on by PAD.  She concluded by discussing volunteering opportunities and opened the floor to questions and answers.

Kind Hearts Park - JK Willis

JK W. discussed Kind Hearts Community and the mission of the organization.  He highlighted the work done in Mosley Park and the beautification efforts underway to improve the park based on community input.  Additionally, he discussed other program initiatives, including farming school for urban youth.

APD Zone 1 Commander

Lt. A. Taddei gave an update on crime statistics in the Hunter Hills Neighborhood.  He began by reaffirming the messaging of PAD and gave examples of how helpful PAD could be.  He reported there was a 0% change for the previous month but it is down over 20% year over year.  He highlighted an armed robbery on Arcadia Cir., a burglary and a theft of a motor vehicle. 

ATL City Council: Byron Amos

No presentation.

GA State Representative: Meesha Manor

No update.

Fulton Co. Commissioner: Khadijah Abdur-Rahman

Justin D. from Commissioner Abdur-Rahman’s office made a few announcement including the Fulton Fresh Mobile market program and a reminder to sign up for the District 6 monthly newsletter.

HHHNA Updates

Timothy B. gave updates on the Design Bloc program (interviews & archives will live on HHHNA website and work is close to being complete), on the traffic boxes being panted and on the upcoming City Utilities Committee meeting on June 11th at 10am.

He also discussed the Senior Citizen Anti-Displacement Grant which provides relief for seniors behind on real estate taxes.  He also touched on the lack of blockages by CSX.

4.  Upcoming Events

Timothy B. reported on the weekly food pantry held at Historic Hunter Hills First Baptist Church held every Wednesday from 2-7pm.  He also reported on the upcoming NPU-K Meeting on June 18th, upcoming neighborhood beautification event on June 15th from 9-11am and the Mosley Park Proctor Creek restoration Celebration on June 22nd from 5pm to 8pm at 121 Rockmart Dr SW.

Open Discussion

HHHNA members discussed farmers market options and what to do about noisy motorcyclists.

Motion to adjourn was made by Maya T. The motion was seconded by Lisa P. The meeting ended unopposed at 06:59 PM

In attendance:

  1. Timothy Brown

  2. Maya Teague

  3. Lisa Parker

  4. Adam Reid

  5. Shar Johnson

  6. Traci Sims

  7. Bridgette Freeman

  8. Brandon & Judy Smith

  9. Christian and Lina

  10. JK Willis

  11. Deborah Wright

  12. Daisy Williams

  13. Robert Williams 

  14. Terry Walker Sr.

  15. Vada Winn

  16. Bishop Samie Conyers

  17. Raychell Green

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