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Local Heroes Identified for Pic N Pay Mural

After weeks of community outreach, the Historic Hunter Hills Neighborhood Association has compiled the results of votes for the 3 unsung local heroes to feature in our latest mural project:

Ann Nixon Cooper - She started the first black Boy Scout troop in Atlanta. She was literacy tutor at Ebenezer Baptist Church pastored by the Reverends Martin Luther King, Sr. and Jr.

At 106 years old, Mrs. Nixon-Cooper was commemorated during president-elect Barack Obama’s 2008 victory speech as a symbol of America’s progress. As a centenarian, she witnessed “the heartbreak and hope” of the nation’s refusal of Black Americans’ right to vote and she lived on to see a Black man become President of the United States of America.

James "Alley Pat" Patrick - Georgia native, lived at 1437 MLK Jr. Drive, Tuskegee Airman, Morehouse graduate, legendary Atlanta radio DJ, Atlanta’s first black bail bondsman, Bondsman of the Civil Rights movement, 1st Black man to run for Fulton County Sheriff, inducted in the Georgia Music Hall of Fame.

Dr. Frederick Earl McLendon opened one of the few black-only hospitals in 1945 to serve Atlanta’s middle-class African American community. McLendon Hospital still stands today at 1366 Bernard Street.

Stay tuned as we begin work on this exciting project!

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