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Meet Audrey Johnson

“My family decided to move to Hunter Hills, because I wanted to be in the community where I was first an adult. My first apartment was on Northside, Castleberry Hills- apt 1424. I rode the bus, used food pantries, and benefitted from income based housing to start my adult life with my infant son, while attending culinary school at the Art Institute of Atlanta. When the opportunity arose to become a homeowner, I wanted it to be in the area where I got my start, so I could live here for life and give back to the community that helped me become the

person I am today,” says Audrey Johnson, Chef - Wife - Mother - Hen Enthusiast - Wine Connoisseur - Beltline Walker - Grower - Community Activist

Audrey Johnson and a fresh tomato from her garden

Living in a historic neighborhood is not lost on Audrey. She purchased her home in 2017 and lives next door to Historic Hunter Hills legacy resident, Mr. Calvin Searcy, a 3rd generation resident. Mr. Searcy’s Aunt lived in a house on the very lot where Audrey lives today.

Audrey proclaims: “There are countless families who literally broke the color barrier in this part of the city and have been here for generations. The strong will and determination of those people are the shoulders on which I stand to be able to live here today in such a historic neighborhood. I love it so much. The elders have been wonderful, welcoming, and gracious.” And Audrey still wants to learn more about the history of Historic Hunter Hills and find ways to help preserve it.

Audrey has truly kept her word to “give back to the community.”  She reflects on her own time of need as a catalyst to help others. “In my 20s, my friends and I made *just* enough money to NOT qualify for any assistance. So, we would pool together, go to the church pantry, and then use our small grocery budgets to fill in the areas of need for the week.”

Today, Audrey runs a small porch food pantry for the community members who face food insecurity. “I casually call it the Team Johnson Porch Pantry.  I love helping others. It’s a legacy in my family to be involved and beneficial to one’s community. I was raised around countless examples of people who were reminded that the world is bigger than us, and that

we have to be a blessing to get a blessing.” Audrey’s next goal is to have a free library box with free books, toiletries, and women’s care products.

Audrey, her son, a Johnson Family hen, and her garden

Audrey’s advice for the next generation of Hunter Hills residents in regards to stewardship of the neighborhood:

“We cannot refuse to see the value in ourselves, and then resent the opportunists for their interest in that value. Do your part and be involved, so you won’t feel left behind.”

What inspires Audrey or gives her hope?

“I am inspired by the bravery and deep thinking of the generation of tomorrow. These children, all over the world, are braver and more free thinking than any generation before them. I love they are for truth and accountability, and they know what they want and are unafraid to ask for it. They have changed the workforce and mental health outcomes for this country in a short period of time. I have hope that our future generations will get us back on the track of humanity.”

Audrey lives on Burbank with her husband Clinton. Together they have four children: Jasmine 30, a teacher; William 24, a chemist; CJ 16, plays football at BTW; and Jamison 14, is in band and track at Kipp Strive Academy. In her spare time, you might find Audrey in the backyard with her 20 chickens or she could be creating something delicious at her catering business, Flavours by Voncile Catering.

Team Johnson Porch Pantry is usually open on Thursdays after 3pm and on Fridays. If you have questions, you may contact the Johnsons at 770-912-4011

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