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Meet the Mainor Family | Part 1

Updated: Feb 26, 2022

Since 1957, the Mainor family has had four generations living in Historic Hunter Hills. Let’s go back to the first generation. . .

Mr. Julius Mainor was from Byromville, GA and a WWII navy veteran. He met Miss Addie Mae in Atlanta after she moved here from Thomaston, GA. They married and had four children: Julius, Joann, Charles, and Shirley. Before settling into Hunter Hills, the Mainor’s lived in the Dixie Hills Community.

Julius also had a brother, Marzell Mainor, who was working in Atlanta as a brick mason/contractor. Marzell learned about Hunter Hills, a newly planned community for black families. Hunter Hills Corporation was selling land lots between the 1940-1950’s. The lots measured 50’x150’ and they were reasonably priced. With that said, both the Mainor brothers set their eyes on Hunter Hills.

Left Photo: Julius Mainor

Center Photo: Addie Mae Mainor

Right Photo: Marzell Mainor, brother of Julius and uncle of Shirley

The Mainor family purchased TWO lots on August 21,1953 with a sale price of $500! They secured a mortgage with a monthly payment of $10. The brothers, Julius and Marzell, along with and other helpers, built a house in the middle of the two lots. Construction took about two years, because they could only build after hours from their day jobs. Upon completion, the Mainor’s moved into the home in 1957. The brick home was built with 3 levels and with large rooms. The hardwood floors were hand cut by Julius Mainor, himself. And the best part? The house has a great view of the skyline due to it being built on a hill. Marzell Mainor also built the house at 1501 MLK Jr Drive, which sits next door to Mozley Park and also Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church on Westview Dr. Marzell Mainor resided at 45 Rockmart Drive.

Julius Mainor property deed

Julius worked and retired from Lockheed Aircraft. In his working days, he carpooled to work with the late Rev. R.B. Sutton, pastor of Dixie Hills First Baptist Church. Rev. Sutton was also a longtime resident of Hunter Hills on Lavender Drive. Both Julius and Addie Mae stayed busy even after their working days. In Julius’ spare time, he designed and crafted cornice boards. Ms. Addie worked at Venetian Blind Co. which was located at 88 Whitehall (Peachtree) St. In her spare time, Ms. Addie made and rebuilt venetian blinds for customers in the community from the basement of their home.

The Mainor’s enjoyed company and visiting with others.  One of Addie Mainor’s best friends was Lenora Cain, and their husbands - Luther and Julius - became inseparable Bid Whist partners.  Luther was the chauffeur for Robert Woodruff, the President of Coca-Cola - and the father of the late Herman Cain. “Robert Woodruff contributed a lot to the black communities in Atlanta and he did it so quietly,” recalls Shirley Mainor.

The house built by many hands on the hill is still home today to Ms. Shirley Mainor, and it has welcomed two more generations after her. Stay tuned for Ms. Shirley’s stroll down memory lane. . .

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