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Meet Jeanie Pippins Delaney

Hi Neighbors! My name is Jeanie Pippins Delaney. My parents moved from Chestnut Street to Historic Hunter Hills in 1952 with myself, my three sisters and four brothers. I am the youngest of the eight children. In the early days, my father worked for Beck & Gregg warehouse. We moved to Hunter Hills because it was a quiet place and we wanted more outdoor space. A man named Robert Dill sold us this home. He was a realtor with a few homes in the area. Homes weren’t as expensive as they are now. Our house was located on Holly Road. The house only had five rooms when we moved here. The rest of the rooms were added on, and we had twelve rooms. When we moved here there were gravel roads, no paved streets except what is now Joseph Boone. Andrews Street was also gravel and red dirt. It was considered the country then. We had well water and an Out House which was our outdoors restroom. Everyone had a wood burning stove for heat and cooking. There were two neighbors on Andrews Street who had farm animals, chickens, pigs, and hogs. We had two neighbors on Holly who had farm animals. One neighbor had cows and the other had pigs. We had mostly chickens and rabbits. We also grew vegetables and fruit trees we grew and sometimes sold.

Left Photo: Ms Jeanie standing near mailbox with forest in the background where Kingdom Hall is today.

Center Photo: Jeanie’s brother on the porch.

Right Photo: Ms. Jeanie today. There was a forest and creek where Kingdom Hall sits now. We also had a neighborhood grocery and gas station on the corner of Boone (Simpson Road) and Westlake Ave. Today there is a gas station in the same place. For entertainment, we went on walks in the forest, fished at West Pointe Lake, and sometimes our neighbors would get together and have a cookout and games. Hunter Hills would have a block party often. Everyone would cook or grill and we would all have prepared food where anyone was welcome. Tables would be set up outside filled with fried chicken, hamburgers, hot dogs, and more for neighbors to come by and get food. It was a share your food, meet your neighbors. Of course, my mother had the best dish. My father’s employer, Beck and Gregg, would also have company picnics every summer.

Hunter Hills is still a nice place to live despite the fact some people are rowdy. My advice to the next generation of Hunter Hills residents would be to get to know your neighbors and fellowship in a group or just visit.

My parents inspired me. They raised me and my siblings to always find something good in every day and treat others like we would like to be treated. Ms. Jeanie is still a current resident of Historic Hunter Hills. She has earned degrees in Computer Technology, Child Development, and Accounting. Photos: Ms Jeanie standing near mailbox with forest in the background where Kingdom Hall is today. Front view of house. Jeanie’s brother on the porch Ms. Jeanie

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