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Meet Georgia Allen

The Hunter Hills community celebrates Black History Month by remembering the life and career of a long ago resident who made a mark in the world of theatrical arts. People of various occupations and careers settled in Hunter Hills in the early days of its development.

They included ministers, business owners, postal employees, railroad workers and school teachers. School teachers are special to all of us for the way they helped shape our lives. I remember one of my teachers in particular – Georgia Allen. She taught English at my high school, H.M. Turner High. I was in her class. Mrs. Allen not only taught English, she was an excellent role model for students like me in the proper use of grammar and diction. She had a distinctive speaking voice which sounded like that of a Shakespearian actress. That was no coincidence, because in reality she was actually a professional stage actress.

In addition to teaching school, Mrs. Allen was also acting in local radio programs and college theatre productions in the 1950’s. Later, she expanded into regional and professional theatre, followed by doing television and film work in the 70’s – 90’s. One time back in the 1980’s I even saw her in a TV commercial for some household product. Georgia Allen has appeared in dozens of films. Her television credits include In The Heat Of The Night. Her last role was the matriarch in Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Family Reunion. She was one of the first black actors to appear in a professional theatrical production in Atlanta, years before Samuel L. Jackson and

Spike Lee started their careers here. Georgia Allen was a true trailblazer. Georgia Allen resided in Hunter Hills for decades, having moved to the community in the 1950’s. Her house was on Ezra Church Drive.


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