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The Hills of Hunter Hills

I learned in 8th grade Civics class that Atlanta is geographically located on the Piedmont Plateau, a section of the Appalachian Mountains. This explains the numerous hills found throughout the city. In 1897 noted scholar W.E.B. Du bois was called to teach at Atlanta University. Upon his arrival Du Bois described Atlanta as “the City of a Hundred Hills.”

Hunter Hills has many actual hills; some are quite steep. As such, the hills of Hunter Hills can be seen as a metaphor for the hopes and aspirations of the children and grandchildren of the freedmen who settled the area.

A section of Du Bois’ book, The Souls of Black Folks, speaks eloquently of the challenges blacks in Atlanta faced during the Reconstruction era and into the twentieth century.

I believe it’s fitting and appropriate to relate the hopes and dreams of early Hunter Hills residents with the community’s history of working together for the support and uplifting of all.

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