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Hunter Hills: 1941-2023

In the past 5 years, I have had the pleasure of seeing Hunter Hills through different lenses: as resident, neighbor, volunteer, organizer, HHHNA board member, and self-proclaimed lover of History. Throughout my time in Hunter Hills, it has been such a pleasure getting to know the "First Families" of Hunter Hills through research while forming community ties with generations of Legacy Residents.

During this time, the neighborhood began to change, development started to envelope Hunter Hills, and this created a need for an organized community unit; A unit which would honor Legacy Residents while embracing new residents. HHHNA was formed. Events were planned to engage Legacy Residents, new residents (like myself), and "in-between residents." The main goal was to bring back the sense of community while also creating a strong, active neighborhood association. Events included community clean ups, door-knocking campaigns, Holiday Light Decorating contest, Blooms of June gardening contest, Plant Swaps, and Holiday parties. Each event was a success, even if turnout was low, because we TRIED, and someone showed up. And those who showed up, showed up because it meant something to them.

While researching the early days of Hunter Hills, I came across this article from April 1941 written by L.M. Warbington. The article is really a well written advertisement for Hunter Hills. Imagine my surprise, when the writer referred to similar community engagement and outreach efforts in 1941 that we are using today. It also documents the original school building which is now the site of Hunter Hill First Missionary Baptist Church. The article left me inspired and signaled to me that we are on the right path which was set forth before us long, long ago. Enjoy your walk down Hunter Hills' history lane as we continue to honor it's past while forging ahead.

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