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Proctor Creek Stream Restoration at Historic Hunter Hills

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

The HHHNA is working in partnership with the Conservation Fund, The City of Atlanta Department of Watershed Management, and City of Refuge to restore Proctor Creek and we need your feedback!

This project will restore a portion of Proctor Creek that was put into a concrete channel in the 1960’s. This aging grey infrastructure contributes to flash flooding, erosion, and pollution. The concrete will be removed, and the creek will be returned to a more natural wetland area. This improved green infrastructure will hold up to 5 million gallons of stormwater during heavy rain events, reducing localized flooding, improving water quality, and providing habitat for local fish, animals, and humans alike.

(Warning: Some adult language)

The Conservation Fund protected 10 acres of land for this project. Restoration is being funded by City of Atlanta’s Department of Watershed Management first Environmental Impact Bond. This Bond raised more than $14 million for green infrastructure in Proctor Creek.

The project will also provide nearly ten new acres of natural area for the Hunter Hills neighborhood which currently lacks any public green space. This improved natural

area will provide residents with:

  • New trails & community green space

  • Increased access to nature and recreation, and exercise

  • Improved physical and mental well being

  • Opportunities for workforce development during construction of the project

  • Opportunities for environmental education, community science, and service learning

The Historic Hunter Hills Neighborhood Association, The Conservation Fund, and the City of Atlanta Watershed Management are partnering to support upcoming community visioning activities to develop ideas for what residents would like to see in this newly improved space. Check out our Events page for upcoming visioning sessions or contact us with questions.

Full details below:

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